Steve Barrette May 15 2011
Dave Arthur May 15, 2011
Dale Tapp joins the band for a couple vocals. May 15 2011
Paul Wright April 3, 2011
Trumpeter Manon Guerin from Montreal’s Jazz Knights joined in for a few numbers. 15 May 2011
Mary Gellner Jan 9, 2011
Husband and wife artists Lisa Kelly (jazz vocalist) and JB Scott (trumpeter) sitting in. The 
Jacksonville Florida couple were in town for a visit and gig with local trombonist Peter Turner, who
also sat in for an exciting session. 
May 1, 2011
Glen Robb showing off his latest drum fashions on July 10, 2011
Ted Clifford July 10, 2011
Neil Sealy siiting in for the last session of 2011
Doug Jacques August 7, 2011
Peter Clancy sits in on Bass all the way from the UK...August 7, 2011
Good Times, Good Friends!
Bob Cleall sittin in...
Bill Riley on the Trumpet
Apex fan Becky proudly displays the band’s colours with friends Ben and Joel during a Royal Oak session (1 April 2012).
4 of the Original members reunite! Roger, Tony, Ron & Rod > Jan 20,2013
All the way from Detroit ! Tony sits in for a few numbers Jan 20, 2013
Gords Brother on the Flugelhorn......not!
Peter Turner sitting in on February 3, 2013
Rod Digney, Doug Jacques & Peter Turner raise the roof with 3 Trombones... 
February 3, 2013
Some of our most loyal regulars!
A full house! February 3, 2013
Ivan Tomek sitting in on Clarinet August 2012
Leigh Smith sitting in June 2012
Don Paterson sitting in June 2012
TD International Jazz Festival, Confederation park, June 2012 .. Don Paterson on Trumpet
Now that's a Horn Section!!! Jan 6, 2013, we are joind by John Mitchelle on Trumpet, Jarrod Goldsmith on Sax & Doug Jacques on Trombone
Jarrod Goldsmith sits in with a really BIG Sax!
John Mitchelle sits in Jan 6, 2013
Doug Jacques sits in December 23, 2012
Dave Reilly from Montreal’s Jazz Knights sits in. Feb 17, 2013
Singer Susan Covey joins us for St Louis Blues. March 3 2013
Royal Oak server Hayley was finally coaxed to sit in with her alto sax with the band on March 3, 2013
Prettiest saxophonist in the band!
Look Ma. No Hands!
Sol Gunner Sits in for the 2013 Jazz Festival
Brianna at the Bar!
Royal Oak Sandwich
Anna & Dave
Doug Sits in Nov 11th
Neil Sealy Giving Ron a rest on the Bass!
2013 TD Canada Trust International Jazz Festival
40th Anniversary Party